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Jerry Goltry

How long have you been a motorcycle enthusiast?

Since the first ride around the block on a Panhead my best friend’s Dad owned in 1967, by 1970 I bought my first Harley.

How long have you worked in the motorcycle industry and what have been your experiences?

I have been working on Harleys since my first one, so over 40 years. I started under the “shade tree” then a garage for over 30 years. Worked at a Harley-Davidson dealership for 4 years. Now co-own X-Techs for 4 years and growing.

What are you currently riding and why?

2003 Night Train with a springer and apes. Why not? I’ve owned well over 30 Harleys, I like to ride em then change em!

What do you like best about being a part of X-Tech’s?

We try to keep the old garage type atmosphere. We try to keep prices down. We work on each bike like it’s our own. And we try to have fun each day.
I like our customers to leave with a smile.