About Us

A 30 year dream turned into reality June 2006 when the doors to X-Techs Inc opened. The right combination of timing, perseverance, money, balls, and faith made it all happen.

We started in a one-car garage and looked for over two months before we found a building owner who would rent to us. (We don’t exactly look like the corporate type!) It took just as long to secure a Motor Vehicle Repair Certificate. Motorcycle repair shops have a history of coming and going. We were determined to be different and not fade away like so many others. After six months of long hours and short pay, we moved into a larger building. A year and six months go by; the hardships of personal and financial sacrifices began to yield results. We were growing and needed to move again. We took a big step and moved to our current location on Spirit Lake Rd. The move paid off and we continued to work hard doing routine maintenance services, extended warranties, tires, electrical repairs and engine rebuilds.

In the last five years we learned a lot, meet some awesome people and have never looked back. We won’t get rich doing this, but we come to work with a smile on our face, loving what we do for a living. PRICELESS!

Philosophy of X-Techs

Every person here at X-Techs rides, loves being around motorcycles and motorcycle people. We understand as a fellow rider how you feel about your ride and what is important to you.
You, the customer is our boss. We work together to serve you.